Senin, 04 Februari 2013


Original Song: Imagination Forest by Jin
Transposed Lyrics: Lloydz
Good luck making it to the end~
Hello said summer breezing along
Through the window I let it on in
From somewhere outside along, those birds, were singing a song

A half-read book went down from my hand
With a smile, I asked, “From where do you come”
Already three, in the noon, my eyes, they were still in the dark.

The world’s not really all so strange.
There’s just me, the one that stands out.
Matters so grave that any who’d try, could never believe…

Past the town, into the woods, a house that stands all by itself
This house here it’s just me alone with nobody to see

Eyes away, it’s dangerous.
It pains me, but I’m okay
I long since settled for having solitude
Seeing things alone is how I know I will die.
These stories taught me all that I’ll ever know.
But I sometimes yearn knowing there’s so much more.
Will you forgive meeee
Wanting more than thissss?

Inside me was a spark of life.
Irrationality was my life’s stop
but that didn’t stop me truly
Hope stayed within this forest.

Waiting patiently will it come
That wild world that I only could iiimagine
I’ll wait however long.
Just have, it knock on the door when it comes.

Gazing out in fantaaasy,
I looked out, and what did I know?
A sudden voice came from out and started calling to meeee

That cup of herb tea sitting about
Went flying aaaall over the desk
What do I do now
What could possibly beee beyond that door.

Loooking at people will turn the other to stone.
My parents told me time and time again.
Myself my eyes they held the currrrse of a myth.

Ouuuur kind in stories the tale it’s always the same.
They are always things cauuuussing nothing but fear
If those are true, my fate is just the same.

Knocking came in a catchy beat.
For the first time I had ever heard
I was nervous beyond all say.
Words can’t describe that feeling.

That wild world oof which I dreamed
Opened up that age-closed door so quick
Is this real?
Waas it so siimple?

To break down that towering wall inbetweeen?

Hands on my eyes, I was lost in terrrrror
He had no iiiidea what was wrong.
“Looking in my eyes, you might turn to stone”
So I said but he just gave a smile

“I once feared it too, being petrifiiiied
so I know it can stop you in your tracks
but the world’s worth the risk, don’t be scared, chance a step out to it
so you won’t regreeeeeet.”

Change was fast overcoming me
Imagination of my heart flowed forth
and it all came bursting up now.
It flew out to that world.

You who came from out in this world
You taught me more than I could ever believe so please.
If you get lost again.
I’ll be here, waiting once agaaaaain.

Today the Summer Breeze came again.
It took the hand of the hood that you gave.
I let the wind take the lead and followed gently along.

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