Kamis, 08 Agustus 2013

Ankle Bracelet Handmade

Okay! Now I want to make ankle bracelet for Rin Kagamine Synchronicity. I use some property to make it. There is glue, scissors, pencil, carton, brooch, wire and silver sticker. :D
The first I make the bracelet ornament.. I draw on the carton and then cut it into my draw shape. it's like this.

 after that, i do the same thing to the silver sticker. why i use silver sticker? coz i want the ornament look awesome as like the original.

 If the sticker is not sticking, you can use the glue and stick it on the carton.. ^^
After i done make the ornament, i use brooch to make a hole on the ornament head in order to the ornament can be hung. :D
Look like this picture.

And then i make the bracelet.. XD
I use the wire and make the circle like a bracelet. :D
oh, this wire is so thick, you can use the thin one in order to easy make the circle shape..

Umm,, this is not done, coz i don't have a small iron for the hanger of the ornament.. XD
but, until here we can be say it done.. ^^
Thank you, hope this tutorial can make you to be creative..
see you next time~

This the picture is done.. :3