Minggu, 11 November 2012


Only 3 years to know this is a very short time.

very sad, hurt and disappointed.
but what could I do? already the time has destined for you if you have to end on a specified date.
December 10th 2012, if the day would come? I do not want to hear it, feel it, and see that day. I don't want to get hurt. This place is a place where I can feel the freedom, even if only a virtual world but very enjoyable.

in this place I can find something worthwhile. friendship and the precious memory was very pleasant. And when it arrived on time if I had to say goodbye to you? not, perhaps I should say thank you've been living for 3 years.

My Precious Room

At the friend room with my friend

My 2nd account Selfy

My Selfy
My sister's Selfy

Miss it so much... :'(

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