Sabtu, 17 Mei 2014

New project cosplay again..?

long time no see and writing.. xD

now, i have 3 project of my cosplay.. the two before i skip it coz the matter at the costume not done until now.. T^T
i hope it will be done soon~

this three cosplan is from latest anime i watch, the last year project i throw it and now i take it on to my project again, and the last from kill la kill anime, i never watch this anime before.. i hope i can watch it soon.. :D

First, is Nagi no Asukara, i wanna cosplay to be Chisaki Hiradaira.. o(▽≦)o ..:*The progress is wig on going costume i'll start to buy it next month with other friends at the same project i made.. xD
I dunno why i love this chara.. maybe she like me.. ;;w;;
and i love tsumugu too~ lol

 The second is Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project, this character last year i wanna cosplay it but something happen and i throw this project or bury it.. hehehe... =u=
The progress is wig done and the costume is progressing.. :3
 This Character i love so much when i see the PV Imagination Forest, i love it so much... (▽≦)

The last is from Kill la Kill anime as Mako.. =w=v
this character i choose coz want to pair with my friend as Ryuko.. hehe...
i dont know so much about this character, but i'll try not out of character but i'm not promise.. xD
The progress is wig on going just wait it arrive at my friends home.. The costume is start to sewing at tailor.. ◕‿◕
She's so cute i think, i hope her wig fit to my face.. ;;w;;

That's for my three new project cosplay~ (#^.^#)
nb: i do not make my own costume (*

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