Sabtu, 28 September 2013

Costest as Tamako Kitashirakawa

Helloo~ long time no update from me.. ^^
i'm so very busy on my job.. :D
and then i no have time to cosplay... x'3

umm,, maybe this costest only i can share~
Me as Tamako Kitashirakawa Casual version maybe or Original versian maybe.. xD *plak
here it is.. :)

 What do you think? xD
i'm sorry if there is my eyes red.. -_-"
that have some iritation problem from the softlens.. *plak

 There is some photos too when Tamako untied her hair.. :D

I'm sorry if the camera have a bad resolution.. (_ _)"
i hope you enjoy it Tamako from Me.. ^^d

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